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Here’s my list of what I think are the BEST singing time office supplies to purchase for primary.  Some of these items are pretty self-explanatory while others, you might be surprised! 

Camille's Primary Ideas: Best Singing Time Office Supplies for primary music leaders

**This post contains affiliate links.  That means I receive a small commission from sales at no cost to you.  But know that I wouldn’t recommend this product if I didn’t LOVE it!

Now, I understand that you might find this list somewhat boring.  Office supplies are a bit of a yawner.  But there’s nothing worse than needing something simple but highly essential.

So do yourself a favor (or give your primary music leader an AMAZING gift) by setting him or her up with some essentials – singing time office supplies!

Utilizing the Board

These first few suggestions help you use the MOST versatile tool you’ll ever use in singing time … the board!  The board (whether a white board or chalkboard) contains SO many uses!

So many, in fact, that I have an entire post dedicated to using the board HERE.  It’s entitled Chalkboard Review.  However, the same information applies to white boards which are now typically the norm.

So let’s delve into the best singing time office supplies for the board for a minute…

Dry Erase Markers

You can always get your markers (or chalk if your building has chalkboards) from the library but I love to skip the library and have my own set.  That way I know for sure none are dried out and I get the colors I need.  I know, I’m high maintenance that way!

I also prefer the Expo brand. They tend to not dry out as fast and work the best.  That’s what my kids’ school teachers also say.  Expo brand is their favorite too!

Then it’s nice to have a few color options.  This way, if I have an activity that involves a few colors (like this Markers Review Activity HERE), I’m easily prepared!

Costco sells a great set in stores and online HERE or this set from Amazon is great too (Amazon affiliate link):


Just like the dry erase markers, an eraser can easily be obtained from the ward building’s library.  But there’s nothing worse than needing to erase something when you completely forgot to stop by the library and have already delved into your singing time lesson plan.

So, do yourself a favor and just buy one for you! This is just the standard eraser (Amazon affiliate link):


Camille's Primary Ideas: Best Magnets for Singing Time

Most likely your board is magnetic.  And having your own set of magnets is almost a must-have!  You can hang any printable on the board if you have a good set of high-quality, heavy-duty magnets!

This post HERE goes into detail about my favorite magnets and why!!  Trust me, I’ve used a lot of less-than-stellar magnets in my singing time career and they are not worth it.

You deserve a set that will hold multiple card stock pages that have all been laminated ;).  These are the ones I own and recommend (Amazon affiliate link):

Magnetic Tape

If you haven’t discovered magnetic tape, you haven’t lived!  I LOVE this stuff!  It’s definitely not for every lesson plan but it definitely has its place.

I love it for multiple, little (thin) items that I want to hang and move all over the board.  My post HERE goes into more detail but definitely try magnetic tape in singing time!

Find it at Walmart (in the crafting section) or online here (Amazon affiliate link):

Printing Office Supplies

It can’t be a singing time office supplies post without talking about printing supplies.  Aren’t we lucky to live in an era with color printers?!?  I remember my mom hand-drawing and coloring EVERYTHING for her primary callings.  That makes me want to cry!

That said, if you don’t have a printer (color or black and white), you can still do this calling without it.  But having access to some kind of printer makes this primary music leader calling SO. MUCH. EASIER!

So, here we go with my list of favorite printing office supplies…

Printer Paper

Let’s start with the basics: printer paper.  Costco’s high quality printer paper has turned me into somewhat of a paper snob, haha!  I LOVE its thickness and quality for such a great price which is why it’s my favorite.

Costco sells it ini stores online HERE.  Or obviously, you can get printer paper just about anywhere!

Find it on Amazon here (Amazon affiliate link):

White Card Stock

Whenever I want something to last a little longer, I print it on card stock.  These printables tend to contain lots of ink and will be something that will be reused.  Something like my handbell charts or large pictures.

There are different weights of card stock and I’ve tried several.  My favorite is the 110 lb. as it’s just a little thicker.  The 90 lb. works great too.  But if I’m going to go to the effort of printing on card stock, it might as well be high quality card stock.

This is what I always purchase (Amazon affiliate link):

Colored Card Stock

Then not as often, I like to print in black and white but on colored card stock.  Especially if I want a printable to stand out while not using a ton of ink (like this lesson plan HERE).

If you don’t print much on colored card stock, I recommend this smaller package that contains lots of different shades of colors (Amazon affiliate link):

But if you think you need more pages of the same color, get these (Amazon affiliate links):


Camille's Primary Ideas: Printer for Singing Time

You can’t talk printer paper without talking about the printer. My hubby is a little bit of a tech geek and this is what he uses for his office.  If you are in need of a printer for singing time, check out what I recommend HERE.


I served as primary music leader for years without a laminator and did just fine.  Occasionally I’d create an item I wanted to last so I’d cover it in packaging tape.  It did the job.

But once I purchased a laminator, I was sold!  This little machine is so much fun that you will be looking for anything and everything to laminate!  It’s also WAY cheaper and more convenient than taking your items to a paper supply store to laminate!

Check out my post HERE with more details on what I like to laminate.  The one I own is an older model to this one (Amazon affiliate link):

Laminating Sheets

Once you get a laminator, you need laminator sheets.  I’ve tried several brands in different price ranges and these seem to fit the bill.  They aren’t on the expensive end but the quality is decent.

Find them here (Amazon affiliate link):

Singing Time Supply Caddy

This caddy is SO fun!!  It holds everything you need to teach singing time and keep you organized!  Plus it’s super cute!  It holds:

  • magnets
  • push pins
  • plasty tac
  • chalk
  • eraser
  • pencils
  • pens
  • markers
  • the sky is the limit!

TIP: Store it in your primary closet for a quick grab and go each Sunday!

Find more details on this caddy HERE.

Choosing Sticks

Choosing sticks are a great tool that I consider to be a singing time office supply!  They are more useful than simply choosing the next child in singing time.

Use them for pitch leading, pointing to objects and assigning kids to various groups.

Store your choosing sticks in your caddy so they are always ready!  I love ours!  I’ve also seen primaries give the graduating primary child their stick to break.  Sort of as a graduation from primary ceremony!  Clever!!

I asked our Activity Day Girls to make some for our primary and they did a FANTASTIC job!  It was right up their alley.  More details on how to make them HERE.

But all you need are craft sticks, green and red acrylic paint, sponge brush, a sharpie marker and a little time!

What Did I Miss?

Do you have and use these singing time office supplies?  Did I miss anything?  What are your favorite singing time office supplies?  I’d love to hear and so would other primary music leaders!  Leave a comment with your suggestions.

More Singing Time Supplies

Camille's Primary Ideas: Best Singing Time Supplies for primary music leaders

Also check out my post HERE with more singing time supplies that are WAY more exciting than office supplies.

Singing Time Organization

And if you are looking to get a little more organized in singing time, you need my singing time organization series!  Find that HERE.


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