Utilizar la tecnología en la hora de cantar


Using technology in singing time is becoming more commonplace.  The Church in general uses it more and more as the world continues to technologically advance.  Check out all these digital tools for singing time to make the most of all the technology that’s available!

Camille's Primary Ideas: Using Tech in Singing Time

There was a great post shared in the PML FB group HERE inquiring about using technology in singing time.  I’ll be honest, technology occasionally drives me nuts and kind of scares me!  But I also love it because it opens so many possibilities for various uses.

I’m SLOWLY getting on the band wagon for bringing in more digital tools for teaching singing time.

Why use Technology in Singing Time

  • Less cost in printing materials including a printer, ink and paper.
  • The work is already done for you.  No printing, hanging and most importantly – storing!
  • Easily display content on a large screen for the entire primary to see.

Problems with Technology

  • Technology doesn’t always work, and isn’t completely reliable.
  • Batteries aren’t always charged.
  • Having a hard copy gives peace of mind (unless you forget it, haha!).

What Digital Tools to Use in Singing Time

Phone + Speaker

The easiest way to bring technology into singing time is using your phone and a speaker.  You can obviously omit the speaker but then hardly anyone can hear it.

Use a speaker to project the audio from your phone so the entire primary can hear!  I love to introduce songs using this method.  Mostly so I’m not stuck singing a solo!  But if solos are your thing, go right ahead.

Sing Along Videos

Every year, I LOVE to preview our program songs with sing-along videos! I push play and the kids sing along to all our upcoming program songs.  It’s always a hit every year!  Check out more details on these sing-along videos HERE.

Gospel for Kids app

This handy app HERE is wonderful to bring into singing time!  Use it in multiple ways:

  • Display the videos (similar to above)
  • Use the audio only to help learn a new song
  • Great for no pianist
Camille's Primary Ideas: Gospel for Kids app

Gospel for Kids YouTube Channel

Basically all the video on the Gospel for Kids app will {hopefully and eventually} also be available on the Church’s YouTube channel.  Find more details HERE.

Everything is ad-free which is an added bonus!!

Camille's Primary Ideas: Gospel for Kids YouTube Channel singing time ideas

Teach ASL

Teach ASL in primary by using online resources!  And don’t be afraid to pull those resources right into singing time and have the kids learn right alongside you!  Use it to help you learn/teach sign language.

This post HERE has several amazing online ASL resources!

How to Use Technology in Singing Time

So now that you know what technology to bring into singing time, let’s talk about how!  This is actually where I get a little caught up.

HDMI Phone Adaptor

These little devices let you display anything on your phone to the TV.  It’s wonderful for sharing sing-along videos or basically any other digital material you have for your singing time lesson plan.

I recommend this adaptor HERE for an iPhone.


QR codes are a VERY simple way to get singing time material into homes!  They are also VERY simple to create.

Every year, our primary hands out a Digital Playlist at Christmas.  This gives children the opportunity to scan a QR code that links to a playlist with all the upcoming primary songs.  Check out more details on these digital playlists HERE.

Powerpoint, Google Slides, etc.

I personally have never used this option.  But if I had easier access to a TV, I would at the very least, post the words to our songs on the TV using Google slides.  That would eliminate my need to print and store them all.

If you are unfamiliar with how I post the words to songs, find more details HERE.

Camille's Primary Ideas: Posting words for singing time, singing time flip charts

That said, once I substituted for a weekday RS Book of Mormon class our stake offers.  I used Google Slides for my entire lesson, and LOVED it!  You better believe I also incorporated a sing-along video of a primary song into my lesson!


I want to hear your thoughts on using technology in singing time!  Help me answer these questions if you can:

  • What’s your favorite method for presenting your singing time lesson using digital content?
  • Do you frequently use technology in singing time or do you prefer to leave it at home and take the day off from technology?
  • Does your primary have a mounted TV in your primary room? 

Our Relief Society room has one and I’m wondering why primary got the short end of the stick!  I would probably use a tv more often if I didn’t have to drag it out of the library closet.

Either Way

Whether your teaching style includes technology or not, there’s no right or wrong way to present what you’ve been inspired to teach!  Let the Holy Ghost be your guide.  Then do what you are the most comfortable with!  Heavenly Father will fill in the gaps :).


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