2023 Taller de órgano de la BYU


Is it one of your goals to play the organ one day?  Or does your ward need more organists?  If so, this 2023 BYU Organ Workshop is for you (or feel free to pass it on to your ward’s organist and/or music chair)!

Camille's Primary Ideas: 2023 BYU Organ Workshop

What is the BYU Organ Workshop?

The BYU Organ Workshop is an intensive five-day program designed for organ skill-building at all levels. The workshop includes activities beginning on Monday, August 7th, with classes held throughout the day, Tuesday through Friday, August 8th-11th. 

Registration options:

  • In-person – access to all courses including on-campus and online
  • Online only – access to all online courses

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced organist, the workshop has much in store for you!  

  • Enhance your organ-playing skills for your own enjoyment, for church service, or for teaching.
  • Discover and improve your talents and proficiency as you learn valuable techniques and tips from skilled instructors.
  • Develop your own organ-playing proficiency as well as acquire key pedagogical skills for teaching.
  • Study with faculty members who are capable and talented organists with years of experience.

Workshop Trailer

This video from a past year’s workshop gives more highlights:

BYU Organ Workshop Registration

General Information

  • Workshop will be held on August 7-11, 2023
  • Four full days of organ instruction (one day longer than last year)
  • One day attendance options are not available
  • Please plan to register early because space is limited
  • In-person and online workshop registration is intended for those 18 years of age and older
  • Youth ages 14-18 are encouraged to attend the BYU Musicians’ SummerFestival, but may attend the BYU Organ Workshop 
  • Options to add Individual Consultations, Private Lessons, and Tote Bags are available through the registration website for an additional fee.  Orders for Tote Bags must be placed by July 24

In-Person Workshop

  • Early Registration – $265 (through July 1)
  • Registration – $290 (July 2 through July 31)

     Your registration includes:

    • Access to in-person and online sessions
    • Recorded sessions available to view through the week of the workshop and the following week

Field Trip to Salt Lake City (bus transportation is available for an extra $35, you may also drive yourself)


Register for the 2023 BYU Organ Workshop in addition to more details here:

More BYU Organ Online Training

Make sure to check out BYU’s Organ Online Training website HERE.  They offer monthly free workshops you can sign up for!

So if you or someone you know is interested in learning more about playing the organ, make sure to check out these resources!

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