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Learn how you can share singing time resources with other primary music leaders!  Camille’s Primary Ideas now offers a Singing Time To-Go Scholarship program and is in need of donations…

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From the Philippines

I recently received the sweetest email from a sister who lives in the Philippines (name withheld):

Hello! I am Sister **** from the ******** Philippines Stake. I really love to teach primary in my ward. I want each child to learn songs and feel the spirit each Sunday.

I used your files in teaching children. I wish I could have files in singing time so it will be easier for me to teach the children. However I really can’t afford to pay.

I am SO delighted that my singing time material is reaching the Philippines!  But at the same time, I want to help her and others who may be in the same situation.

Can we pool our resources together to help this sweet sister and others with their singing time callings?

Scholarship Opportunity

For every dollar donated, Camille’s Primary ideas will match your donation!  Let’s help this sister and others receive an annual Singing Time To-Go PREMIUM subscription right now! ($109.99).

**All extra funds will be placed in a scholarship account to be used toward future Singing Time To-Go scholarships on an as-need basis.

Thank YOU for Donating!

I sincerely love this singing time community and appreciate all you do!  Together we can help those in need!


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Material recomendado para la hora de cantar:

Camille's Primary Ideas: Turkey Toss Thanksgiving Primary singing time ideas

Turkey Toss Thanksgiving Primary Singing Time Idea

Tienes que probar esta idea para cantar en la Primaria de Acción de Gracias. Los niños de Primaria no olvidarán nunca esta actividad. Para esta actividad sugiero cantar todas las canciones de Primaria que aparecen en el Cancionero infantil, pero cualquier canción sirve.

Buscar Reflexionar y rezar Hora de cantar

Buscar, reflexionar y rezar es un clásico. Cada niño de Primaria debe saber dónde puede acudir para recibir respuestas a sus preguntas y sentir el espíritu. Estas ideas para el tiempo de canto de Primaria «Busca, reflexiona y reza» ayudan a transmitir el mensaje del Evangelio que se encuentra en esta canción de Primaria.

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Cantar es aún más fácil. Con mi Singing Time To-Go, ¡sólo tienes que imprimir! Prepárese para todo el mes, ¡todos los meses!

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