Las ideas primarias de Camille llegan a Taiwán


Camille’s Primary Ideas has reached Taiwan!  I was recently contacted by a sweet sister who sent me several photos of my Sing-O-Meter being used Taiwan!  Needless to say, I was tickled pink!

Camille's Primary Ideas reaches Taiwan

**Images and video are all shared with permission from parents and leaders.

My husband tells me that I keep up this website merely for the accolades.  And I can’t help but sometimes think he’s right!  Readers send me THE nicest comments, words of encouragement and share their successful (and sometimes not so successful) singing time stories with me.  I truly love and appreciate all of them! 

Just the thoughtful act of leaving a comment or sending me an email fills my day with joy and I relish them all!  It seriously makes all the time and effort I devote to this space 100% worth it.

I’ve had sisters and even brothers (you know who you are!) reach out to me with insight, thoughts and inspiration.  From New Zealand to Hawaii to Europe to South America, Canada and all over the United States.  And now Taiwan! 


Anyway, Marie is serving a mission with her husband in Taiwan.  She created a Sing-O-Meter (find more details) for all the wards in her stake.  Find more details on the Sing-O-Meter HERE.

She shared a picture of one Primary and said:

It’s nice that they have this little tool to help them. The majority of the Primary leaders are converts so they never attended Primary themselves and don’t know the songs.

Camille's Primary Ideas reaches Taiwan

My little singing time ideas crafted here in Salt Lake City, Utah is blessing lives around the world from where I live.  I’m humbled.

Heavenly Father’s children are so precious!  Just look at those sweet faces!

Camille's Primary Ideas Reaches Africa

This was another fun one!  Check out when Camille’s Primary Ideas were used in Africa HERE.

Thank YOU!

So thank you for being great readers, sharing your support and love with me.  You inspire me every day to be a better person – as a Primary music leader and as a daughter of God.

If you have something to share with me, I’d love to showcase your story!  Feel free to contact me or leave a comment.  And don’t worry, you don’t have to live in a remote area of the world to be featured!


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