Septiembre 2023 Singing Time To-Go


It’s September and that means Primary program review time!  September 2023 Singing Time To-Go is now available!  It includes lesson plans for all 3 suggested songs for singing time, in addition to a brand NEW Primary program review activity entitled Stories of Jesus!  Also available are 5-minute lesson plans for the songs suggested in Come Follow Me Primary!!

Camille's Primary Ideas: September 2023 Singing Time To-Go

A General Overview

Included in September 2023 Singing Time To-Go are the 3 suggested songs for singing time (more details HERE).  These suggestions this month are When I Am Baptized, A Child’s Prayer and I Know That My Redeemer Lives.

Then prepare for your upcoming Primary program with a New Testament themed Stories of Jesus Primary program review!!  It contains 4 weeks of review activities leading up to your Primary program.

Camille's Primary Ideas: Stories of Jesus New Testament Primary Program Singing Time Review Activity

Each week covers a different musical area to work on including:

  • Words
  • Dynamics
  • Inviting the spirit
  • Chapel review

With Singing Time To-Go PREMIUM, all the weeks are broken out throughout the month.  PREMIUM also includes a FREE printable for Week 1 using Susan Fitch’s Memory Game (found HERE) to help review the words!

2023 Primary Presentation Outline Printables

Singing Time To-Go PREMIUM includes additional Songs & Parts for the 2023 Primary Program Script & Outline found HERE. These additional printables are also available to purchase in my Shop HERE.

Camille's Primary Ideas: 2023 Primary Sacrament Meeting Presentation Script & Outline additional songs and parts

To-Go Membership Includes:

  • A filled-in monthly singing time planner
  • To-go lesson plan summaries for EVERY Sunday
  • Associated printables that coincide with each lesson plan
  • Lesson plans suggested from the Come Follow Me-Primary manual
  • Access to all printables found in my shop
  • And more! Including the words to post, links to all the lesson plan posts, and direct access to the Resource Library

Oh, and did I mention that it’s all ad-free too?

September 2023 Singing Time To-Go BASIC includes:

  • When We’re Helping
  • A Child’s Prayer
  • I Know That My Redeemer Lives
  • Stories of Jesus Primary Program Review

September 2023 Singing Time To-Go PREMIUM adds:

  • 5-Minute When We’re Helping
  • 5-Minute A Child’s Prayer
  • 5-Minute I Know That My Redeemer Lives
  • 4 weeks to review for the Primary Program using Stories of Jesus New Testament Review

Additional Songs in September's Singing Time To-Go PREMIUM

ADDITIONAL 5-Minute singing time lesson plans from Come Follow Me Primary are also available with PREMIUM! This month those are:

  • 5-Minute I’m Trying to Be Like Jesus
  • 5-Minute Jesus Said Love Everyone
  • 5-Minute Love One Another
  • 5-Minute Did Jesus Really Live Again?
  • 5-Minute The Lord Gave Me a Temple
  • 5-Minute Smiles
  • 5-Minute Fun to Do

Which Singing Time To-Go option is best for you?

Camille's Primary Ideas: September 2023 Singing Time To-Go


This format teaches each of the 3 suggested monthly songs one Sunday a month.  It also includes one Sunday to sing something seasonal or holiday related. 

The BASIC plan is $4.99/month or $54.99/year.

Camille's Primary Ideas: September 2023 Singing Time To-Go


Enhance your Primary’s singing time experience even more with PREMIUM! PREMIUM is geared to get your Primary presentation ready!  In addition to having access to the BASIC plan, the PREMIUM plan allows you to do more in singing time!

This format focuses on 1 of the 3 suggested songs each month in order to prepare for your program.  But it lets you engage with the other 2 suggested songs using a 5-minute song (more details HERE).

With the PREMIUM format, you also have time to review all the program songs you’ve learned for the year in addition to preparing to occasionally sing in sacrament meeting!

Additional Printables available with PREMIUM

All printables in my shop HERE are included with PREMIUM subscriptions.

I’ve been using this PREMIUM format in my own Primary and it works SO well!  I can:

  • Sing all 3 suggested songs for singing time each month
  • Focus on one of suggested songs for the program
  • Provide TONS of movement activities
  • Review all program songs learned for the year
  • Sing holiday and seasonal primary songs
  • Practice to occasionally sing in sacrament meeting like Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Christmas

The PREMIUM Plan is $9.99/month  or $109.99/year.

How to Join

Join Singing Time To-Go for a small monthly or annual fee.  Cancel at any time whether it be after one month, one year or whenever you get released.  I promise, you won’t regret it!

Sign up or learn more about Singing Time To-Go Membership here:

Create a Singing Time Music Bag

To-Go lesson plans frequently include movement instruments.  They’re definitely not required but I HIGHLY suggest you arm yourself with a bag of these items!  More information on what a music bag entails can be found HERE.

Create a Singing Time Music Bag


Again, not required but HIGHLY recommended! My favorite instrument to bring into singing time are handbells!! Check out my post HERE for more details on using handbells in singing time. The brand I recommend is Merry Bells.

Use code CPI for 10% off your purchase.

More Singing Time To-Go

If you still have questions, contact me and I’ll send you the previous month’s Singing Time To-Go as an example.

For more information, make sure to scroll through all the Singing Time To-Go recaps from previous months HERE

Camille's Primary Ideas: August 2023 Singing Time To-Go singing time ideas

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Material recomendado para la hora de cantar:

Hora de cantar en primaria Ideas para enseñar a rezar a un niño

Estas ideas para enseñar a cantar la canción de Primaria A Child’s Prayer ayudarán a que tu Primaria se enamore de nuevo de esta canción. Mi favorito es utilizar una actividad de emparejamiento que une la doble melodía. Pero elijas lo que elijas, estas ideas para la hora de cantar de A Child’s Prayer se adaptarán al estilo de aprendizaje y a las necesidades de tu Primaria.

Camille's Primary Ideas: The Holy Ghost singing time ideas

Ideas para cantar al Espíritu Santo

Usted puede notar un tema recurrente para la enseñanza del Espíritu Santo en el tiempo de canto … ASL simplificado. Sin embargo, si el canto por señas no es lo tuyo, mira estas otras ideas para enseñar El Espíritu Santo.

Camille's Primary Ideas: Baptism & Confirmation special edition friend magazine singing time ideas

Bautizo y Confirmación Edición especial Revista Amigo

¿Alguien más se ha dado cuenta de que la revista Amigo de agosto de 2023 es una edición especial? Se centra por completo en el bautismo y la confirmación, lo cual es un recurso realmente estupendo para los niños de Primaria que van a bautizarse.

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Cantar es aún más fácil. Con mi Singing Time To-Go, ¡sólo tienes que imprimir! Prepárese para todo el mes, ¡todos los meses!

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