Bolsas para guardar instrumentos rítmicos Singing Time


Use these storage bags to hold singing time rhythm instruments!  You might be surprised as to their intended use, but nonetheless, they make for the BEST rhythm instrument storage bags!!

Camille's Primary Ideas: Singing Time Rhythm Instruments Storage Bags

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This topic may be TOTALLY trivial but it’s been a game changer for me!  I’ve battled storing a few singing time manipulatives and have to share my latest find…

Fresh Produce Storage Bags

I received several fresh produce storage bags from a favorite things party earlier this year.  I NEVER remember to bring reusable bags into the grocery store with me.  So these bags sat in my storage room for several months.

Meanwhile, storing my singing time scarves in a Ziplock bag was not cutting it!  I’d let all the air out and quickly zip it tight. Next thing I know, they’d be open and falling all over the place {first-world problem, I know!!}.

Eventually fresh produce bags met my scarves and – VOILA – match made in HEAVEN!!

Camille's Primary Ideas: Singing Time Rhythm Instruments Storage Bags

Purchase Singing Time Storage Bags

I’m rebranding these fresh produce storage bags as singing time storage bags so just humor me ;)!  The set that I own are these (Amazon affiliate link):

They are relatively inexpensive considering there’s 15 in a set!

My favorite feature is the draw string that actually stays closed with bulky items inside!  And since they are breathable, the air comes and goes as needed!

They squish up tight in my singing time music bag.  Then easily expand when pulled out to use!

Since I had a few bags, I divided the scarves equally between them so when I pass them out in singing time, each class receives their own bag – no prep required!  It’s slick!

I was on a roll and thought my ribbon wands might fit perfectly in the largest size bag.  And wouldn’t ya know – they did!

Camille's Primary Ideas: Singing Time Rhythm Instruments Storage Bags

The wands stay nice and snug in the bag instead of rolling around the plastic shopping bag I previously used.

The fresh produce bags are slightly delicate and don’t hold heavy items well.  But that’s not a problem with scarves and wands as they are light as a feather!

I tried putting wrist jingle bells inside and they were too heavy.  The bag was about to rip.  So for now, I’m using them for only light items.

How Do You Store your Singing Time Supplies?

If you have any other tips & tricks for storing singing time items, I’m all ears!

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